Subin Abid - Portfolio

Infrastructure / Thermal Power

Station Piping

Installed and commissioned the entire piping network for a power plant for air, water and process lines. Comfortable with ASME 31.1, IS 1239, IS 3589 codes

Piping / tanks / Oil storage & handling

Installed and commissioned oil unloading, storage and handling system for HFO and LDO

Induced draft cooling tower

Installed and commisioned induced draft cooling towers for 3 X 800 MW thermal power plant. The project was focused on efectiv ecooling in summer months and used weight reduction techniques like fan blades of FRP material, carbon fibre shafts etc.

Steam generator (Boiler)

Installed the steel structure and air ducts for an 800MW pulvarised coal based steam generator in association with Doosan Heavy Industires of Korea.

Air conditioning & ventilation

Installed and commissioned central and distributed HVAC system for large and small buildings

Fire detection & protection System

Installed and commissioned Fire detection and protection systems for an entire power plant comprising of hydrants, high and medium velocity water spray systems, foam system, sprinklers, Inert gas system etc

Cross country pipeline

Installed 2 X 20 KM long pipelines from Almatti dam to NTPC Kudgi power station for carrying water from the dam to the power station. The pipe was manufactured uisng FRP which requires extreme care while handling and installation. The submerged areas of the pipeline were laid uisng 3LPE coated MS pipes.

The project involved coordination with land / revenue department officials of the government of Karnataka as well as other statutory bodies for right of usage of the land. The project also required liasoning with the nearby villages and farmers.

Renewable Energy

Wind - Solar Hybrid power

Installed 3.3 MW of Wind-Solar hybrid power plant at Bijapur, KA. The total capacity consists of One wind turbine generating 2 MWp and solar plant generating 1.3 MWp.

You can see the details in my blog here and here.

Hydrogen to Electricity

Currently Installing a 35 KW hydrogen generation, storage and conversion to electricity system based on AEM and fuel cells.


Data / Analytics