Hello, I am Subin Abid.
I am an Engineer

I am a Mechanical Engineer & Project Manager,
getting my hands dirty in power plant construction.

I am a mechanical engineer by graduation, power engineer by work environment and project manager by job. I have been working in power plant construction since 2011, taking care of structural installation, piping, tanks, cross country piping, air conditioning and ventilation system, fire detection and protection system etc
After about 8 years, I moved to a project manager role to handle a larger portfolio.

I am trained and certified in technical as well as managerial skills. I am a certified in Financial modelling and company valuation, Project Management (Level C) with IPMA, in addition to CIPM, ultrasonic testing, welding inspection, boiler design (Doosan Heavy Industries, Korea), boiler operation, taxation etc.
Before my current profile, I worked in automotive R&D, data analytics, teaching & web marketing.

You can see my portfolio here or read my resume

Check some of the things I do other than work.

Contrary to popular belief, engineers do a lot of things other than office stuff!
It has roots in characteristics of great engineers like Leonardo Da Vinci
who was also a painter and a sculptor !

Play Guitar

Click some photos

Read some books

write a blog

Play CS

write code including this site

Play Badminton

Experiment, watch minions too!

enjoy beer, credits to Toit

try to :) play piano

I live in Bangalore